$320.00 USD

Deep Dive into the Cyrex Array 2 Intestinal Permeability Screen April, 2023

Join Dr. Elroy Vojdani, Dr. Jeffrey Bland, and Dr. Aristo Vojdani for a 6-week deep dive into the Cyrex Array 2 Intestinal Permeability Screen™ 

First, double check that you qualify for the offer if that is a priority for you.

  1. You must qualify for a Rupa Health account, have a NPI number/license, and be able to order Cyrex through Rupa Health or have been accepted into the Rupa Physician Services program to get the included test coupon.
  2. It must be a self-order only.
  3. Offer for the test is only valid through Rupa Health (not directly through Cyrex).
  4. Only available for US orders, not including NY, NJ or RI.

What you'll learn!

One of the body's most essential defense barriers is the intestinal barrier. When this barrier is weakened and becomes more permeable, the immune system must react and the risk for systemic problems, including autoimmunity, increases. As a result, analyzing intestinal permeability is an important step in disease diagnosis, treatment, and healing for those patients. The Cyrex Array 2 Intestinal Permeability Screen™ is one of the top tests for patients struggling with challenging symptoms, autoimmune disease, or food sensitivities/intolerances.

This 6 week bootcamp features a combination of online lectures and live zoom classes. All live classes will be recorded and available in the course.

This course includes an Array 2 Intestinal Permeability Screen™, which allows practitioners to understand their own health in a way that truly brings the aspects of this course to life. $400.00 Value. Self-order only. Must have a NPI & qualified license to place a Cyrex Array 2 test order through Rupa Health or qualify to use Rupa's Physician Services. US only, not valid in NY, NJ, or Rl.