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Clinical Decision Guides for Functional Medicine Laboratory Testing March, 2024

Start Date:  March 11th, 2024

Join Robert Luby, MD, and invited speakers as they address clinical challenges and dive deeply into the identification and interpretation of seminal biomarkers to determine which physiological dysfunctions are playing a role in a patient’s condition. This course includes six live Q/A sessions with expert functional medicine educators in the field.

What you'll learn! 🎓

  • How to identify clinical patterns of physiological dysfunction
  • How to identify conventional laboratory biomarkers of physiological dysfunction
  • How to select patients for whom empirical treatment without lab testing is warranted
  • How and when to select advanced laboratory biomarkers of physiological dysfunction
  • How to interpret advanced laboratory biomarkers of physiological dysfunction

*Please note: IFM is unable to answer questions related to interpreting test panels from a specific laboratory company, or to provide clinical advice based on test results from specific patients. For this reason, the submission of specific test results will not be accepted for review for this bootcamp. Any and all questions submitted during the bootcamp must should be non-specific and based on reference ranges.

📦 Tests included with registration: 

  • Elite Thyroid Profile Blood Spot from ZRT 
  • Comprehensive Stool Analysis from Doctor's Data

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