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Revolutionizing Gut Health with The GI Effects Test by Genova Diagnostics

Join Dr. Michael Chapman, Dr. Patti Devers and invited speakers for a 6-week deep dive into the GI Effects® Comprehensive Profile - 1 day.

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  1. Must have a Rupa Health account and an NPI number/license to order the GI Effects® Comprehensive Profile - 1 day.
  2. Self-order only.
  3. Must be in the US only. Not valid for NY, NJ, & RI.
  4. Rupa Physician Services not applicable.

What you'll learn:

The gastrointestinal tract is now understood as having one of the most pivotal roles in human health. The GI tract is responsible for a whole host of homeostatic mechanisms including immune function, digestion & absorption of nutrients, detoxification, and even neurotransmitter production. With all of these diverse functions, it is imperative to find the most appropriate and insightful way to evaluate the GI tract of our patients. Genova Diagnostics has led the way in stool testing for gastrointestinal health for over thirty years, and continues to redefine what a stool test looks like. Join this 7 week bootcamp to learn everything there is to know about a root-cause approach to GI evaluation with the industry experts in stool testing.

  • Learn a systematic root-cause tool for uncovering GI dysfunction
  • Understand the importance of how maldigestion impacts human health
  • Evaluate how inflammation manifests in different forms in the gut
  • Dig into the role of dysbiosis and cutting-edge microbiome analysis
  • Connect the importance of bacterial activity and metabolite production
  • Take away exactly how to implement the best testing approach for each patient

GI Effects® Comprehensive Profile - 1 Day Test Included!

This course comes with a GI Effects Comprehensive Profile - 1 day test, which allows practitioners to understand their own gut health in a way that truly brings the aspects of this course to life. $429.00 Value. Self-order only. Must have a NPI & qualified license to place a GI Effects® Comprehensive Profile - 1 day test order through Rupa Health. US only, not valid in NY, NJ, & Rl. Rupa's Physician Services Program not applicable.